Product Overview

What is Clappia?

Clappia is a cloud digital workplace where business users without coding skills can create complex mobile-ready business process apps. Clappia reduces the dependency on separate IT teams and hence provides agility and flexibility to a business at a much lower cost.

Here is an overview diagram that explains the working of Clappia.

Clappia is not a tool for developers. It is made for business users. The way an Excel sheet provides a set of tools and options and you use it for your different business scenarios, exactly the same way Clappia provides a set of options to create your own apps that can be used in different business scenarios.

App Types

Clappia is an industry agnostic product just like Excel. However, the our apps are broadly fall into the following categories:

  • Any kind of tracking apps for Work Orders, Expenses, IOT device’s reports, Audits, Timesheets, Salaries tracking etc.
  • Any kind of reporting apps for Incident reporting, Sales, Tasks, Inventory, Staffs etc.
  • Any kind of ticketing apps
  • Advanced: Apps with real-time dashboards, Mini ERPs, Integration Apps for Tally, Salesforce, SAP etc. This requires assistance. Chat with us to enquire.

Salient Features

Dran-n-Drop Designer

That’s how we transfer the power of a developer to a business user. You get a dran-n-drop app designer to add the software blocks of your choice. You get the following software blocks to add to your app:

  • Text Fields for Name, Description, Email, Website, Address, Comments etc.
  • Check Boxes
  • Radio Options
  • Drop Down for a fixed or dynamic list of options
  • File Upload option for Images, Documents, Videos etc.
  • Date & Time
  • GPS Location of the submitter
  • Read-only Instructions
  • Packaged files to be distributed to your users
  • Formulae for any kind of calculation you may need. This also support IF/ELSE logic. Just write a formula just like you write an Excel formula. We take care of the rest.

Custom Workflows

People often ask us – are you a form with GPS, calculation and certain logic? This is the place where we make the difference significantly. A form does not have a workflow; the users submit and that’s all. However, a business requires a proper process which is characterised by custom workflows. Here are the workflows that you can add in a Clappia app:

  • Schedule: You may want your users to get a notification submit data at a scheduled interval. It is very useful for any kind of daily, weekly or monthly reporting.
  • Tracking Id: You get a tracking Id for each submission that your users submit in the created app. All submissions can be reopened and updated subject the the permissions provided.
  • Custom Review Fields: You can add status values that can be assigned by the reviewers for each submission. Example – Accepted, Rejected, In Progress, On Hold etc.
  • Comments: The reviewers can also add comments
  • IF/ELSE logic: You can also add logics to fulfil your requirement. For example, you may want to send an intimation to your finance team if an expense report is market “Accepted”. This kind of logics can be set.

Unique App Distribution

Just imagine that you have a readymade app that you may want to distribute to 50 of your employees. Could you imagine the human resistance to install the apps? Now, imagine you have 5 such apps for different purposes inside your organisation. Do you see where it is going?

App distribution is a huge problem even if you have the perfect apps. We have solved this problem in a unique way. All your users need to onboard Clappia’s digital workplace and the admins can push all apps to the users remotely. No hassles at all.

User Access Control

You can have a custom permission model for all your users. Here are the kind of permission that you can set:

  • Edit Application
  • Review
  • Access all submissions
  • Edit submissions
  • Submit

Real-time Dashboards

Many times you need a real-time dashboard to get an overview of everything that is happening in your organisation You can create such custom dashboards from the data collected from all your users.

Web App + Mobile App

You don’t have to design the mobile app separately. You design the app once and the web app and the mobile app are generated automatically. So cool! Isn’t it?

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